Training for Fire Wardens in Melbourne – Available From STG Fire Safety

The following training is available through the STG Fire Safety Training:

Participants will leave this class with hands-on experience using fundamental pieces of fire fighting gear. It discusses how to choose and use first-attack fire fighting equipment, such as fire blankets and fire extinguishers, as well as other items.

Extinguishing a real fire will be an opportunity for participants, and they will use both extinguishers and fire blankets in the process.

This course provides both theoretical education and hands-on training in the utilisation of. The Fire extinguisher and fire blankets are essential items (Hose Reels). After completing the training, students are awarded a Certificate of Attendance or certification (dependant on requirement. If the student chooses, this class can be undertaken with Workplace Emergency Response Training.


Contains recommendations on the most suitable Emergency Assembly Areas. Pick the one that best fits your requirements from among the available formats. Time Spent: One Whole Hour


According to Australian Standard 3745 – 2010, annual evacuation drills must be carried out in all workplaces. Your evacuation exercise (drill), which also includes the pre-exercise briefing and the post-exercise debriefing, will be facilitated by Specialists On Safety.

In addition, we provide a written report based on our observations and a record of attendance. The AS1851.19 – 2005 standard for maintaining fire protection systems and equipment can be satisfied by using this.


This training is intended for employees who have been given warden responsibilities at work. For training purposes, an appropriate location within the organisation is required. The Australian Standard 3745 – 2010 Emergency control organisation for buildings, structures, and workplaces and the Australian Standard 4083 – 1997 emergency response for health care facilities have been considered during this training course.

This class will go over:

OHS Legislative Requirements, Emergency Preparedness, Fire Awareness Warden Roles and Responsibilities, Evacuation Procedures, Bomb Threat Procedures, and Warning Systems are topics covered in this section.